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But, algorithms with very different assumptions which are intended to measure importance on social networks give very similar results. This is not surprising since in a given community some accounts clearly are more important than others. We’re simply reporting that as accurately as we can. We have indexed about 40M twitter accounts at moment, usually updated once a month. If your account is not being indexed/ranked at the moment, the simplest way to ensure that it does is by signing into hive with your Twitter account. All Hive project management accounts are free to create and come with a 14 day free trial of Hive .

If you’re not a Hive whale, it can be difficult to claim a new account because you won’t have account creation credits. Now, you can burn 3 HIVE to create a new account right from inside PeakD. All you have to do is make sure you have at least 3 HIVE liquid in your wallet, and visit your Wallet page. There is a drop down menu to the right of your Hive Tokens. Our coverage of accounts on Twitter isn’t complete. We’re expanding our index of accounts over time, prioritizing the most important ones first.

How to set up and use Hive Social as your next Twitter replacement

The magnifying glass icon is where you can find hive accounts from the community or search for people to follow. The next tab along the bottom is for notifications. And the one all the way BNB to the right is for your profile. It is not uncommon for people to have multiple accounts. Smart social media sites provide tools to assist in the creation of multiple accounts.


This may https://www.beaxy.com/ to unexpected results, including locking the account. This account is used by the Snaps in the Hive Snap Pack. The account can be configured with and without Kerberos and supports SSL connection. Take great care to keep track of all your private keys, which includes writing them down and keeping them in multiple secure places offline. He’s also contributed to Kotaku UK, The Sunday Times, the Press Association and MUNDIAL. When he’s not working, his time is divided worryingly evenly between football, culture and sleeping.

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For example, it is not uncommon for newbies to use copyrighted images off the internet for their posts. #Hivewatchers is known to downvote such accounts into submission. With our chronological feed you’ll never miss a post. One of the biggest issues from algorithm heavy social media apps is not being shown media you want to see as your account gets heavily targeted with ads and promotions. Hive accounts/addresses are easy-to-remember usernames .

Beginning with Windows 2000 SP4, Active Directory authenticates remote users. SAM uses cryptographic measures to prevent unauthenticated users accessing the system. Username that is allowed to connect to the database. Username will be used as the default username when retrieving connections.

Some Hive Social users unable to deactivate or delete account, no fix in sight

People who want to engage in dedicated curation projects are wise to create separate accounts for the curation projects. As the number of alt-coins proliferate, I suspect that we will start seeing accounts created for specific curation tasks. Anyway, I thought the picture would go well with a post about people who hold multiple accounts. You now have another Hive account that you can use for a number of different things!

Does Hive save you money?

In one recent study based on average annual energy consumption, Hive found that by installing a new thermostat, people could save more than £300 each year on their bills. Some of those taking part in Hive's study are already beginning to see such benefits.

You can also select multple accounts and provide feedback for them simultaneously. Once you have an account, you need to make sure your keys & password are secure. There are three quick ways to create a project management account with us. 2) It stays alive but ends up being blitzed by some sort of other launched Twitter alternative from a Big Tech corp. Or Elon Twitter gets its act together and no one actually feels the need to fully leave. Searching “Paul Tassi” or “@paultassi” turns up no results, you have to search “paultassi” only.

A unique element of Hive is the ability to add some music to your profile. At the moment, this is limited to just Apple Music, but the developers are looking to add Spotify support in the future. Make sure you connect your Apple Music account when prompted for this feature to work. It is the essential source of information and ideas that make sense of a world in constant transformation. The WIRED conversation illuminates how technology is changing every aspect of our lives—from culture to business, science to design.

  • Anyway, I thought the picture would go well with a post about people who hold multiple accounts.
  • One of the biggest issues from algorithm heavy social media apps is not being shown media you want to see as your account gets heavily targeted with ads and promotions.
  • When sending HIVE tokens to the account, your user name acts as the receiving address.
  • This helps keep database connections from timing out.
  • Maybe I’ll delegate my LEO over there and try out curating with only LEO.

From the settings page, tap onMusicto choose whether or not the song on your profile page automatically plays. On the Privacy & Safety page, you can make your account private so it’s only visible to your followers. This is also where you can mute specific words, control who is allowed to comment on your posts, and block accounts.

The username must be valid in order to set up the data source. The master password is used to derive all keys above. Do not use the master password to log into Hive.blog or any other Hive application.

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Short-Term Crypto Correction Moves Into Final Phase.

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I have always been passionate about social media metrics, but only from the perspective of trying to understand what is good quality. Of course I am not that naive to also see the difference between trendy and good. Hive is a good social media platform to measure this. At the end, we get rewarded for good content – or at least we try to mediate that. The Google Pixel series of phones, specifically the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7, have an exclusive feature called Magic Eraser. With Magic Eraser, you can get rid of unwanted objects in a photo, such as people in the background or things like power lines.

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Crypto Index Tracker: Bitcoin Drops on Silvergate Troubles.

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First, the site announced that it hit a million users yesterday, it broke through its crowdfunding goals and was adding more than 100,000 users a day in the midst of its newfound popularity. It remains to be seen if Hive is on its way to secure any additional funding or resources from say, actual VCs or tech investors, but nothing like that has been announced. The best way to describe it is a mix of Instagram and Twitter with a sprinkling of Tumblr for good measure. Your main profile page resembles Twitter quite a bit, and you can tweet (I’m still going to say tweet) without short character limits. It has a “for you page” for new content discovery. And it’s just…easy to sign up and get going over there, as opposed to figuring out the complexities of Mastodon.

A different driver binary for a driver must have a different name, the same name can not be reused for a different driver. If this property is left blank, a default JDBC driver will be loaded. Supply additional information on this account in theNotesfield of the Info tab. Once you are in control of your account keys, it is highly recommended to use the KEYCHAIN EXTENSION to interact with Hive Dapps like Splinterlands. It is important to understand how security of your blockchain account works.

If this gets more and more popular, this is about to start hhive accountsening at scale, and be very bad. The app feels…fragile, like it’s about to break at a moment’s notice. There’s significant UI and loading lag a lot of the time, and it just does not feel technically stable. However, there is one significant potential issue with Hive, in that it appears to be run by…two people. Yes, that’s correct, Hive was started a few years back by a college student who then brought on…a second college student, and it does not seem like they’ve evolved much past that.

  • If you don’t have an account, please sign up for a Hive Membership or sign in with either your Google or Facebook account.
  • It’s like a mashup of Twitter and Instagram, with a dash of MySpace.
  • If the HIVE account name selected is “hiveuser,” a withdraw of HIVE from Bittrex would be arranged as pictured below.
  • PiunikaWeb started as purely an investigative tech journalism website with main focus on ‘breaking’ or ‘exclusive’ news.
  • This file can be found in %SystemRoot%/system32/config/SAM and is mounted on HKLM/SAM and SYSTEM privileges are required to view it.

Maybe I’ll delegate my LEO over there and try out curating with only LEO. Hive accounts are scarce assets just like some NFTs are. The Security Account Manager is a database file in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and 11 that stores users’ passwords. It can be used to authenticate local and remote users.

Number of minutes for a connection to remain idle before a test query is run. This helps keep database connections from timing out. Ensure that the value you enter is a few seconds shorter than any database or infrastructure-imposed connection time limit. A value of 0 indicates an infinite lifetime, subject to the Idle Timeout value. Connections are removed only after they are closed.