Can I Date A Colleague?

Fellas, there are two main types of females you shouldn’t date: your own next-door neighbors along with your work colleagues. Why? Since they learn your location as well as know where you function! This is simply not good news whenever you date a woman and determine there is no hope for you as a couple.

There is nothing worse than being required to confront your ex each day at places that must be protected, serene and drama-free. Yes, chances are you’ll carry on some torrid relationship with a co-worker, but these connections hardly ever work. Then you are compelled to feel unpleasant around this person.

Soon enough, you will definitely dread carrying the sofa out of bed each day to attend the office, and you’ll start thinking about locating a job completely.

At the same time, company romances trigger disruptions, resentments and a total sense of disturbance on work environment atmosphere. Yes, that hot girl in bookkeeping are providing you with a person’s eye, but just take a pass. Might give thanks to myself in the end.