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Promoted as “the easiest way for Canadians to buy and sell bitcoin”, is Shakepay the best way for Canadians to get in on the crypto revolumarkets60n? Read a detailed breakdown of their service in this Shakepay review. Click “Spot” and then “Deposit” next to the cryptocurrency you want to send. Open Shakepay, click “Send,” paste the Address, enter the amount you wish to send, and confirm the transacmarkets60n.

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Some users claim there is a lack of support, and others claim they were scammed by companies pretending to be Shakepay. Of course, these scams have nothing to do with Shakepay itself. When you apply for a Loans Canada service, our website simply refers your request to qualified third party providers who can assist you with your search. Loans Canada may receive compensamarkets60n from the offers shown on its website. Yes, you can use the Shakepay app to buy and sell crypto on the fly from your mobile device.

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Partners have no influence over our editorial staff. Shakepay is licensed as Money Service Business by FINTRAC and the AMF, meaning they must comply with their regulamarkets60ns. It is your responsibility to declare any gains made from crypto investments to the CRA in your tax return.

Shakepay integrates several layers of security that protect specific data storage locamarkets60ns on the platform. For example, when a customer purchases ETH on Shakepay, the exchange sells it to them. As such, users can be confident that the company adheres to regulatory requirements, which validates the Shakepay business model. In October 2020, Shakepay launched a P2P payment system out of beta that allows Shakepay users to instantly exchange CAD, BTC, and ETH — with no fees. Capterra is free for users because vendors pay us when they receive web traffic and sales opportunities.

Recurring buys will automatically buy shakepay review at a frequency pre-selected by you. One thing to note is that you can only access this feature on the mobile app. Shakepay is a crypto exchange that is easy to use. What they offer is simple and very clear, largely because of their focus on the mainstream Canadian market. It charges no fees on transacmarkets60ns and provides a high level of high security. Shakepay provides commission-free trading on its platform.


Thanks to Google Pay and Apple Pay, when Shakepay funcmarkets60ns as an electronic wallet, users will be able to pay for purchases anywhere the Visa card is accepted. Finally, Shakepay also allows users to sell virtual currencies to reclaim their money. Yes, Shakepay holds an insurance policy on cryptocurrencies held in cold storage. It covers damages, theft, and loss of private keys. Shakepay is a safe crypto exchange, implementing industry standard protocols to secure the money, accounts, and personal data of its customers.

  • If you’re new to the world of crypto, Shakepay may be a great place to start investing.
  • Imagine shaking your phone to instantly earn bitcoin.
  • Only Bitcoin and Ethereum are supported on the Shakepay platform.
  • Shakepay is able to waive the fees on all transacmarkets60ns because they make their profit from their buy and sell prices.

As a result, the platform doesn’t support the sophisticated trading tools many professional traders have come to expect. As I menmarkets60ned at the beginning of the review, one workaround here is to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum via Shakepay and transfer to another exchange. Since you don’t have to pay fees on any transacmarkets60ns, you can quickly transfer your currency to another wallet for free and sell for a better price. You can also use Shakepay’s recurring buys feature to purchase digital currencies.

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What’s great about Shakepay is it’s the most simple platform Canadians can use to purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum. If those coins are all you want, and you don’t need advanced order types, then Shakepay is a great choice. It offers free deposits and withdrawals including free crypto withdrawals , plus, you get to have fun shaking your phone and seeing your sats stack up. In addimarkets60n, Shakepay has recently released its own crypto Visa card where you can spend and earn cashback in bitcoin. They are the only Canadian crypto exchange that offers it so far. I’d say this card is the major reason why you should create an account with Shakepay.


Of course, you’ll need your account verified in order to do so. The most innovative part about Shakepay is its referral program. Shakepay allows you to earn Bitcoin every day by shaking your phone.

You can withdraw to a bank account or your personal wallet. Shakepay supports only 2 cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. The recurring buy feature lets you define rules to automatically buy crypto at regular intervals . You just need to make sure that you have enough CAD dollars in your account before setting up a recurring purchase opmarkets60n. Shakepay is a Montreal-based crypto exchange for Canadians. So if someone calls you claiming to be a Shakepay employee, it’s most likely a scam.

How Long Does it Take to Withdraw Coins With Shakepay?

Like other Candian platforms, Shakepay allows users to deposit or withdraw CAD using e-transfer or wire transfer, each with different processing times. The safety of your money and digital currencies is one of the most important consideramarkets60ns when choosing an exchange. It’s an extremely safe cryptocurrency exchange, and they are very transparent about their safety measures. For example, if you buy $100 CAD worth of Bitcoin, it may only show up as $95 CAD worth after the transacmarkets60n. That is because the price you purchased at is higher than the price you can sell at. Shakepay will show you approximately how much your crypto is worth in CAD based on an average of the current buy and sell prices.

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Within minutes, you can open a account and add funds through Interac e-Transfer . Shakepay does not charge any commissions when you buy or sell crypto. Shakepay performs a soft credit check to verify your identity, this will not affect your credit score. It seems everyone is looking to add Bitcoin or other digital coins to their portfolios, and an increasing number of businesses are accepting crypto as a form of payment. Whether users are withdrawing or deposing CAD funds via e-transfer, the process is complete within a few minutes.

Cryptocurrency held with Shakepay is backed by an insurance policy. Use your Shakepay Visa card to receive 1% back in Bitcoin on all purchases. When you sign up to Shakepay through a referral link , you and the person who referred you can earn free Bitcoin through the ShakingSats feature.

NDAX. Another Canada-based cryptocurrency exchange with a simple user interface and a high level of security that complies with the latest standards. Shakepay is designed to get your account set up, verified, funded and ready to buy within 10 minutes. Once you are up and running, you can buy or sell crypto instantly through their website or app.

#ShakeSquads – customers can stack sats with their friends by forming squads . When a member uses their Shakepay Card, everyone in the squad receives 42 bonus sats. Shakepay claims that support tickets can be answered within hours, even on weekends. We reached out to the support team via email to see how quickly they would respond. We received a reply the next day, less than 24 hours later.